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  • 1. ACS Energy Letters in 2017 (Journal's first impact factor is 12.2 Dr. Suman Kalyan Pal et al.

  • 2. Dr. Rahul Vaish and Dr. Venkatakrishnan published review articles in reputed journals like Applied Physics Reviews(IF:15.4) and Small(IF: 9.5) respectively.

  • 3. Small molecular organic nanocrystals resemble carbon nanodots in terms of their properties, Chemical Science, 9, 175-180 (2018) Impact Factor: 9.0 published by Dr. Chayan K Nandi et al.

  • 4. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, (2018) Impact Factor: 7.5 published by Ajay Kumar et al.

  • 5. Nanosculpting of Atomically Thin 2D Materials for Site-Specific Photoluminescence Modulation, Advanced Optical Materials,1701284 (2018) Impact Factor: 7.4 published by Pawan Kumar et al.

  • 6. Carbon-coated core-shell multifunctional fluorescent SPIONs, Nanoscale (2018) Impact Factor: 7.3 published by Ashish Tiwari et al.

  • 7. Phase engineering of seamless heterophase homojunction with co-existing 3R and 2H phases in WS2 monolayers, Nanoscale,10, 3320-3330 (2018) Impact Factor: 7.3 published by Pawan Kumar et al.

  • 8. Scalable and site-specific functionalization of reduced graphene oxide for circuit elements and flexible electronics, Carbon, 128, 172-178 (2018) Impact Factor: 7.0 Published by Mahesh Soni et al.

  • 9. Bioinspired Structured Surface via Soft Lithography and Its Application in Water Vapor Condensation and Fog Harvesting, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 6(5), 6981-6993 (2018) Impact Factor: 5.9 published by Sharma, V. et al.

  • 10. Fabrication of highly sensitive biomimetic SERS substrates for detection of herbicides in trace concentration, Sensors, and Actuators, B: Chemical, 262, 710-719 ( 2018) Impact Factor: 5.4 published by Vipul Sharma et al.

  • 11. Polycarboxyl decorated Fe (III) based xerogel derived multifunctional efficient electrode material for oxygen reduction reaction and supercapacitor application, Chemistry A European Journal, (2018), Impact Factor: 5.3 published by Bandhana Devi et al.

  • 12. Coupling of Charge Carriers with Magnetic Entropy for Power Factor Enhancement in Mn-Doped Sn 1.03 Te for Thermoelectric Applications, Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2018) Impact Factor: 5.2 published by Somnath Acharya et al.



    Our mission is to support and foster the research enterprise, at the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi by providing state-of-the-art instrumentation and ancillary equipment, and expertise in its use and application.


    Registeration is essential to avail the services. It gives you a priority number and us a reference to your sample. AMRC office serves as the registration desk. After registeration, the various instruments can be used by the students and other organizations.


    All the instruments in Advanced Material Research Center are broadly divided into two categories: General Characterization Instruments and Sophisticated Instruments. Despite of these there are many instruments that are planned to be included in Advanced Material Research Center.


    AMRC, Block-A2 building,
    Kamand Campus, IIT Mandi
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    Home: http://www.oegevtw.tw

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