Main Campus

IIT Mandi Campus

IIT Mandi's main campus has been developed as an Eco-friendly and sustainable infrastructure campus. The total area of IIT Mandi is 538 acres of which about 200 acres is flat land while the rest is mountainous. On 23rd September 2012, 108 B.Tech 2nd year students, the Director, few research scholars, 20 faculty and staff with their families shifted to the main campus. Currently, all of the undergraduate students, the Director and 95% of the faculty members reside in the main campus. IIT Mandi is now home to a buzzing community of students, academicians and staff.

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Academic Facilities
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Campus Amenities
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Campus Construction
Green Panel

Transit Campus

IIT Mandi has now completely shifted to its main campus at Kamand. IIT Mandi Catalyst office is running in the transit campus. The transit campus is just interim.

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