Green Panel
  • Green Panel

    The Green Office of IIT Mandi was established on 31st October, 2014. The Green Panel of IIT Mandi is chaired by Prof. Timothy. A. Gonsalves (Director, IIT Mandi) and is represented by 10 members (both external and internal). To ensure proper management and efficient functioning of the “Green Activities” in the campus, the panel has an executive Green Consultant.

    Green Panel Committee Members:

    Prof. T. A. Gonsalves
    (Director, IIT Mandi)
    Dr. R. J. Ranjit Daniels
    (Managing Trustee, Care Earth)
    External Member
    Dr. Rinki Sarkar
    (Independent Researcher
    & Economist (Himalayan Studies),
    Member-International Association
    for the Study of Commons)
    External Member
    Er. N. K. Negi
    (Senior Architect, HPPWD)
    External Member
    Dr. Venkata Krishnan
    (Assoc.Professor, IIT Mandi)
    Dr. R. Padmanabhan
    (Asst.Professor, IIT Mandi)
    Er. Sunil Kapoor
    (S.E.Civil, IIT Mandi)
    Ex-Officio Member
    Ms. Lishma Anand
    (Green Consultant, IIT Mandi)
    Ms. Snehal Shete
    (Fellow, "C", SRIC, IIT Mandi)

    Contact Details:

    Ms. Lishma Anand
    Green Consultant, IIT Mandi
    Green Co-ordinator of Green Panel
    Email :
    Tel : 01905 267008

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