Branch Change

    New Guidelines for Change of UG branch (Applicable on the B. Tech. 2015 Batch and thereafter admitted students)

    The guidelines for the change of UG branch are as below:

    • 1. To be considered for a branch change, the student will have to submit an application before the end of the second semester of her/his programme. The applicant will have to specify the choices, in order of preference, of the branch or branches that she/he seeks a change to.
    • 2. The student will have to be in good academic standing, having done the full complement of courses and having no backlog. The decision on the student’s application will be made only after the grades of the second semester are received and the CGPA at the end of the semester will be the relevant CGPA.
    • 3. In granting the change of branch of a student, the strength of a class shall not fall below the sanctioned strength by more than 50% and shall not exceed the sanctioned strength by more than 50%. Also, the strength of any branch shall not be allowed to fall below a minimum strength of 20 students because of the branch change. Notwithstanding this provision, the top- ranking student of each discipline may be awarded a branch change if she/he has a CGPA of at least 8.0.
    • 4. An eligible applicant who has secured a CGPA of 10.0 shall be allowed a change of branch of his/her choice without any constraint. This clause will override clause (3) if the need arises.
    • 5. Branch change applications will be considered strictly in order of merit as established by the CGPA and only to the extent of the applicant’s choices and in the order of the preferences expressed in the application. If a seat opens up at any late stage in the process, it will be offered to the applicant with the highest CGPA by going back up the list, if necessary. In case more than one student with the same CGPA seek the identical change, branch-to-branch, they will be treated equally and will be jointly subject to condition (3) above.
    • 6. In exceptional cases, the Senate may also grant a change of branch to a student who is in distress in her/his present branch. Branch change of this category may be granted in rare cases subject to the satisfaction of the Senate that compelling grounds for the same do exist. Applications will have to be made at any time up to the end of the fourth semester and conditions (3) will apply.

    To download the Application Form for Branch Change Click Here.

    To download the Earlier Guidelines for Change of UG Branch (Applicable on UG students admitted in August, 2014 & earlier Batches) Click Here.

    To download the New Guidelines for Change of UG Branch (Applicable on the B. Tech. 2015 Batch and thereafter admitted students) Click Here.

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