Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum

IIT Mandi has a unique course curriculum wherein the interdisciplinary academic culture is encouraged and the curriculum is substantially oriented towards design and innovation. One of the courses under the design and innovation stream is the Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum (ISTP), which is offered to the 3rd year B.Tech. students.

The genesis of ISTP:

  • One, development of useful products and technologies requires an understanding of the socio-economic context in which they will be used.
  • Two, introduction of a technology in a society often changes the society. Thus, it is essential that the technology leaders of tomorrow understand the interaction of society and technology. It is observed that often the problems in the society require simple solutions and can be resolved easily with the right technological intervention.

Through the ISTP, our students,

  • explore the various issues/problems of society,
  • propose technology-based solutions for these, and
  • evaluate the proposed solutions from social, technical, economical, environmental and other aspects.

ISTP Highlights

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Wherever required and possible, help from the local administration, NGOs working in the region, etc. shall be sought for the implementation of the solutions.

ISTP exposes students to the complex interactions of technology and society. It equips the students with the tools and skills to systematically understand and evaluate these interactions. On a higher plane, ISTP is intended to,

  • sensitize students with the problems around them in their society,
  • develop a sense of responsibility by being the solution provider,
  • nurture the qualities required to become an excellent engineer or technocrat who contributes to society in a variety of ways.

Overall objective of this project is to make a positive contribution to our community.

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